The Smithy

The Smithy is a stone and timber house built in 2005, though it looks as if it has been here much longer. There are two rooms, a twin and a single, no en suite, but two bathrooms. This is my home which I like to share. Eat in the kitchen looking onto the fields, when you return, rest in the lounge and watch the birds or browse though the natural history books or any of the other books on the shelves. If you are lucky you may see an eagle, but there are loads of buzzards and in the evening you can usually see the heron slowly passing on its way to roost, and the sunsets can be amazing. Walk out of the door and up the hill into the wood and listen to the woodpeckers. There are loads of walks in the area and plenty to do and as you can see the most amazing sunsets. You are very welcome.


sorry no vacancies



The Smithy, Tombane


Phone: 01350 723222